Top 5 Foundations For Oily Skin

Starting the day off with a fresh face of makeup is a feeling like no other but it’s frustrating having your makeup go from matte to oily over the course of a few hours. Everybody should have that go too foundation that keeps your makeup matte and touch up free. Here are my top five foundations for oily skin.

#1 Revlon ColorStay foundation in combo/oily skin

This foundation retails for roughly $8.00 and comes in 43 shades. The formula has a satin/matte finish that with a setting powder will look completely matte. The foundation is medium coverage but is extremely buildable if you are going for a more full coverage look. This foundation provides a smooth, even base that blurs out pores without clogging them.

There are a few cons with this foundation such as it slightly oxidizes and it is not a 24 hour wear like it is marketed. But for the price point and the shade range, it is a great foundation overall.

#2 Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This foundation has become a fan favorite among the beauty community. It retails for $43 and comes in over 55 shades. This foundation has a matte finish and despite it being medium to full coverage, the foundation feels very lightweight on the skin. It is one of those foundations that doesn’t entirely melt in humid or extremely hot weather and with it being water resistant a day at the beach or being out in the rain isn’t a problem.

The one con is that this product does not come with a pump but is available for purchase is you choose to do so.

#3 Too Faced Born This Way

This product is known for it’s natural finish but still providing the long wearing, full coverage formula. This foundation retails for $39.00 and comes in 35 shades. It smooths out your skin, is light weight and has an oil free formula ensuring that your face stays shine free. People may think 35 shades isn’t much, but this shade range has a variety of undertones allowing everybody to find a match. It is meant to provide a skin-like look but will hide any acne, redness, scarring, or other problematic area.

The only con that has been pointed out about this product is that it does oxidize.

#4 E.l.f Cosmetics Acne Fighting Foundation

If you’re looking for a foundation to work with acne prone skin, this is the one. It retails at $6.00 with only 6 shades. People love the acne fighting ingredients that reduce breakouts. Not to mention, it is full coverage but will not cover all acne spots depending on how bad the breakouts are. Foundations can often clog pores and cause breakouts but with this product, the salicylic acid and witch-hazel within the formula fights acne allowing people with acne prone skin the comfort they deserve without worrying about bothering their skin.

The con about this product is the shade range has six shades total which doesn’t allow everybody the ability to test this product.

#5 Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless

This foundation is another fan favorite but at an affordable price! It retails for $7.99 and comes in 40 shades. People love this foundation because it does exactly what it says. Its medium coverage but is buildable in the areas where you want more. Although this foundation is not long wearing and will more then likely need one or two touch ups, it does the job and has a shade for everybody. This product is good for those who have an oily t-zone or specific oily areas.

A con about this product is that it is pumpless, and there are none that you can purchase for it.

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