Best 3 Makeup Palettes under $30.00

#1 Sylvia Gani x BH Cosmetics

This palette is one of my all time favorites. It retails at $24.00 with two highlight shades, one being for lighter skin and the other for darker or you can mix the two for a nice light golden color. There are 20 shades including matte browns, pinks and purples, one blue, one green, and a few shimmers that tie in those color groups. Its a versatile palette allowing for many creative looks to be made whether it is glam or an all natural look. The shimmers are very pigmented and go on beautifully with your finger or a wet brush. The mattes blend out very well with each other and other shadows from different palettes.

This palette is available online at,, and in store at Ulta.

#2 Morphe 3502 Second Nature Artistry Palette

This palette retails for $24.00 and has 35 shades. This palette just like the other Morphe palettes has very pigmented matte and shimmer shadows. The bright red matte shadow is the star of the palette and will surely bring a pop of fire to any look you choose to create using it. The shimmers are apply great with using your finger or a wet brush. I recommend the M124 brush by Morphe to apply any shimmer shadow with as it is the perfect packing brush.

You can purchase this palette online at or you can check the availability for this palette at your nearest Ulta.

#3 Anything Colourpop

Although this isn’t one specific palette, Colourpop is one of those brands known for their quality and affordable prices. Their eyeshadow palettes are $12-$20.00 or you can buy single shadows and make your very own customized palette. These palettes cover every color range out there and some also have a color theme they follow. They also have frequent launches so I can assure you, there is a palette suitable for your taste. Colurpop also offers cream shadows which was one of their most known products until the pressed shadows stole the show.

Colourpop can be found at Ulta stores and at

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