Top 6 places for the Best Halloween/Fall Decor

Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley via Flckr

Despite it being August, fall is right around the corner meaning that stores will begin to take out summer decor and bring in all things autumn. There is no need to pay a large sum of money for decorations that will only be put up for a few months then be stored away for until the following year, so here is a list of the top six places to find the best decorations for the upcoming season.

#1 Target

Target has become one of my all time favorites for everything holiday related. I hate to admit it but the excitement the runs through my body when I see the Halloween signs and the dollar section being filled with orange, black, and purple is a feeling like no other. Before you make your way to the specific holiday section of the store, stop by the dollar section as they have some hidden gems that would make a great addition in your home without breaking the bank.

The non dollar section of the store is also filled with amazing decorations. There are always some items under $20.00 that bring festivity to whatever room you are decorating. You may also find some Halloween specific makeup that brands come out with in light of the holiday and two of those brands are Elf cosmetics and Wet n Wild.

#2 Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is probably one of the most underrated stores to buy decorations at. Not only is everything a dollar (obviously), the decorations they come out with specifically for autumn are extremely cute. You can get some artificial flowers that they come out with for Halloween and display those or get things to place around the house.

#3 Home Goods

Home Goods always has great decorations for all price ranges. With it being a home decor store, they get a wide variety of decorations for all areas of the house. You can get everything from fall looking bath towels, kitchen decorations, or just something for a bedroom/living room. Home goods is also always getting inventory so you will always be able to find something that fits your taste.

Sister stores to Home Goods such as TjMaxx and Marshalls always have some great decorations depending on the location of the store.

#4 Walmart

Walmart is known for its prices and large variety of products but they also have a pretty decent selection of holiday decorations. You can find costumes, costume makeup, and decorations all within a few aisles. Walmart always has a great clearance section once the season is over so you can always shop for the following year. Walmart not only has the decorations, but they also have the candy and fun Halloween themed snacks for a good price.

Walmart and Target carry similar items but in my opinion, Target has more Halloween themed decor outside of their dollar section and Walmart has a nice mixture of Halloween and basic autumn decor. But both stores have the same price ranges.

#5 Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is known for their decorations. They carry a wide variety and also offer fun arts and crafts to make the decorations a bit more personal. The minute you walk into the store you are immersed into the decorations no matter the season or upcoming holiday. For the fall time, you are surrounded by orange and red leaves, all things pumpkin, and signs with cheesy sayings that so many people (including me) love.

Hobby Lobby is also known for putting out their holiday inventory so make sure to get there before the winter decorations take place of the autumn which may be sooner then we think.

#6 Your Local Thrift Store/ Consignment Store

One of the most underrated places to find affordable fall decorations is a thrift store. If you want a vintage vibe and don’t mind the items have been previously owned then a local thrift store is great. The prices are unbeatable and you never know what things you may find especially since most things in a thrift store or consignment store aren’t currently in stores everywhere else.

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