Top 4 Mascaras From the Drugstore

#1 The False Lashes Mascara Extreme Volume & Curl

This mascara is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable mascara that is truly black. It retails at $4.99 and is sold at Ulta or on This mascara truly does at length to your lashes and is pure black so it is also great to help blend your real lashes into falsies if you are wearing some. Not to mention, this mascara doesn’t dry out quickly in the tube so a single tube will last you awhile. It is easy to take apply due to the brush being the perfect size for any eye shape. The applicator has soft bristles so nothing will be poking your eye or causing any irritation.

One con of this product is that it is 100% NOT water resistant so if you have eyes that water this mascara may not be the best match.

#2 L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

This mascara was a world wide must have for every makeup collection when it was first launched. It retails at $8.24 and is an amazing dupe for the Better Then Sex mascara by Too Faced cosmetics. This mascara comes in black and brown along with a waterproof version and a non- waterproof version. In my opinion, the waterproof one sticks to the lashes better and of course lasts all day. With that being said, the removal of this product isn’t the easiest but it is not the hardest mascara on the market to remove. This mascara makes it look like you have very natural false eyelashes due to the volume it adds and it makes your lashes look fuller.

You can find this at Ulta, any drugstore you have, or on

#3 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

This mascara is one that all influencers were using a few years back before Maybelline expanded their mascara line. With its iconic green and pink packaging, this product retails at $6.99. This mascara is very pigmented ensuring your lashes will pop but the formula is also buildable. The more layers you apply the more dramatic your lashes will look. People have often complained of the consistency of the formula saying that its watery so I recommend you let the mascara dry down before you blink or touch your eyes.

This product can be found at ulta, any drugstore, or at

#4 Covergirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

This mascara was rated by Allure in best of beauty 2018. It retails at $8.99 and has been a fan favorite for many since its been put on shelves. People comment on how the formula doesn’t cause smudging and once on the eyes, the product won’t flake off. It also comes in a waterproof version just in case you prefer waterproof. Despite all its great qualities, if you’re looking for a mascara to make your lashes look dramatic this isn’t the one for you. It maintains a natural look but it also adds a little extra something if you like a clean and simple look.

You can find this mascara at Ulta, any drugstore, or at

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