Why the Norvina Vol.1 Palette is a Must Have

The Norvina Vol.1 palette just launched on August 26th and I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the palette with two day shipping. I have had a few days to mess with the palette and admire the beauty of it. The packaging is a beautiful violet color with reflective details that appear gold in the photo above but it is more of a mirror affect. The palette itself feels very heavy and it comes bubble wrapped, wrapped in some tissue paper, comes in three boxes, and there is no extra space in the box for the palette to move around in. The palette did come in two days even with the launch being a very big one and the tracking information was always kept up to date so it was easy to know where my package was.

The Inside

The shades are organized by letters and numbers. It is A-E down the first row and 1-5 across (A1-A5 is the top row, B1-B5 is the second, and so on). I personally really like this because it makes it super easy to know at a glance what shade is which rather then trying to memorize names. The color setup of the palette is very eye catching because all the purples are together, the random miscellaneous colors are together, and then the “sunset” type colors are together. Although the colors aren’t perfectly grouped together, the layout is still very beautiful. Another amazing part of the palette is the giant mirror. This mirror is such a great addition because it makes the palette great to travel with and mirrors are always a must have no matter what. The background behind the shadows is black which makes the shadows look super vibrant and makes it easy to see the undertones of each shade, the reflects within the shimmers, and so on.

The Formula

I truly believe that this is the best formulated palette from ABH cosmetics. The shades are so pigmented with very minimal fall out compared to other ABH palettes. The formula is cruelty free and vegan so some of shades may stain your eyelids but it will come off after a day or two. The shimmers in the palette are amazing as well and compare very well to shimmers from other ABH palettes. I preferred applying these shades with my finger because they popped more. When I used a brush sprayed with Mac Fix Plus, the shadows didn’t appear as shiny as they did with my finger.

The matte shadows are highly pigmented. I believe these eye shadows are more pigmented then the Morphe x James Charles palette which I didn’t think was possible. They are extremely easy to blend and the shadows don’t get patchy which was a problem for me with the first Norvina palette despite it being one of my favorites from ABH. All the mattes in this palette that are very hard to formulate such as purples, apply beautifully and none of the shades budge once they are packed on but they still have the ability to blend with others and create a smooth look.

I Highly Recommend This

If you want this palette, it is online only at anastasiabeverlyhills.com, ulta.com, and sephora.com.

I highly recommend for anybody who loves creating a bright colorful look or people who want to start branching out and experimenting with bright shadows as it can be intimidating.


2 comments on “Why the Norvina Vol.1 Palette is a Must Have”
  1. thecaitycat says:

    Great review! I’ve been debating on this palette, but it sounds really great. Nice post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you:)) It really is such an amazing palette and I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to creating looks with bright colors but this palette makes it so easy because of the formula. If you get it I hope you like it!

      Liked by 1 person

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