How I Transformed my Oily Skin

My whole life I have struggled with severe oily skin. For many, this may not be serious but as someone who loves makeup, it has become something that I have struggled with. Over the course of only a few hours, my foundation became a shiny mess and it made me feel embarrassed. I slowly stopped putting in the time to do my makeup unless it was for a special occasion or to go out because I would only have the makeup on for a few hours and I knew that my skin would get oily but not ridiculously oily. Not to mention, I have acne prone skin so finding products that work for me while also not breaking me out was hard. I became extremely tired of my skin so over the past two months I took it upon myself to take care of my skin and just try to make a change. I can safely say my skin is not as oily, I don’t have a lot of acne except for then normal amount that occurs during that time of the month, and my love for doing my makeup everyday has come back. This is how I did it because I know a lot of people out there struggle just like I did.

Products I Use

Before my makeup:

At night:

How Each Product Helps me

Both the Garnier micellar water and witch hazel just balances out my skin while also removing the dirt and oil that appeared over night. I don’t believe either of these products did a lot for me but they do indeed remove the dirt so its a nice alternative to washing your face every morning. I actually feel like washing my face very morning makes me more oily during the day so I choose not too.

My night routine is what really changed my skin. Now that I am wearing makeup a lot more, my skin is a lot more sensitive to dirt and oil which often will lead to my breakouts. At night, I remove my makeup with Neutrogena makeup wipes in the blue back, then wash my face with the Cetaphil everyday facial cleanser. The facial cleanser will remove the rest of the makeup which preps my face for the acne scrub without overly washing my face. The facial cleaner is just a nice way to ensure all the makeup that was resting on top of my sin is gone. The acne scrub is a very gentle exfoliate that really gets deep into the pores. I like using a scrub every night because it does get below the surface into all the pores and fine lines in my face. If I have one, I sometimes go in with a harsher scrub once every two weeks but because I haven’t needed it, I haven’t gotten around to buying one. After the scrub, I use my Nuskin toner and moisturizer. I feel like the toner really balances out my skin and the moisturizes adds back the moisture to my skin that all the cleansers stripped.

I never really believed in moisturizing my face just because every time I had done it, my face was just as oily as before but for some reason the Nuskin product soaks into my skin rather then laying on top. I will eventually do a whole post on Nuskin itself once I can test out more products and also provide a discount because it is a luxury brand meaning that it isn’t cheap. I am sure there are cheaper alternatives out there but there is no price tag on a product that really did what I needed it to do and I plan on keeping this skincare regimen until I feel like it isn’t doing great things for me anymore. It may also seem like I am hyping this product up as if I am in sponsorship with them, but I am not. The two products I have from them was the first step in me realizing how far my skin had come and that was a really amazing moment when I could go six hours and my makeup look as matte as it had when I had first done it especially after feeling so embarrassed for years when my makeup would be an oil fest.

When it comes to all these products, I use it how the directions say to on the back. I never exceed the amount they recommend and I even wash in the direction they say too. I am pretty sure it doesn’t make a difference but I was so serious about taking care of my skin that even I wanted to do even the littlest things right until it eventually formed a habit.

Where You Can Purchase These Products

Both Nuskin products can be found at Like I said it is pricey so I am hopeful that I will be able to provide a discount code for anybody who is interested.

The makeup wipes, Cetaphil cleanser, and Clean & Clear scrub can be found at any drugstore, Ulta, Walmart, Target, etc.

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